To become a tutor or teacher at this website, you are required to sign-up or register your account by selecting the option “Teacher” available on our registration form. Fill in necessary details and start providing coaching to students online at this platform.

To post or upload any educational content, firstly you need to become a tutor/teacher at Mega tuition and coaching platform. After that, you can login to your account using the email and password set during the time of registration and access your dashboard to upload course material.

Students can enroll for a particular course by browsing courses and visiting course details. Some courses are available for free and some are paid courses. To enroll for paid courses, students need to make online payments or other payment modes specified at the time of course purchase at this website.

All the students can attend the live sessions scheduled by teachers and the live sessions will be available under the courses only.

Parents can also register on this platform for monitoring the educational performance of their child. Parents can track the performance of their child by viewing mark sheets or report cards. Apart from this, parents can also view the attendance report of their child.

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