Best Strategies to Cope Up with Exam Uncertainty and Anxiety

Best Strategies to Cope Up with Exam Uncertainty and Anxiety

Exams are the period during which even the most intelligent student feels stressed. According to recent research by mental health organizations, exam pressure can interfere with the concentration of the students and reduce their working memory which leads to lower academic performance. Offline exams in a strict invigilated environment are highly stressful; however, virtual exams bring their own issues. So, here are some strategies that can help you to manage your exam stress and focus on your studies without distraction:

Take notes in virtual/offline classrooms: Most students nowadays just rely on their course book content or memory and do not make notes in class. This is one of the main reasons why students feel stressed during exams because they do not have notes to review before their exam days. Students need to take notes and focus on jotting down key ideas or keywords and review them weekly before exams. This will help them to remember important topics for the long-term and they will feel much prepared for your exams.

Take frequent breaks: According to neuroscience research, it is suggested that studying frequently and focusing on the same thing for too long reduces the potential of the human brain to process it accurately. Moreover, the average human brain can focus on a single task for nearly 40-45 minutes effectively. Students are advised to take frequent breaks and during that time you can listen to music, take a 10-20 minute power nap, go on a walk, meditate, and practice activities of your choice.

De-stress yourself on exam day: The energy level of a body crashes down without having proper breakfast which might lead to stress and fatigue. Try to avoid eatables having high sugar and take food items such as oats or eggs in the morning. Also, avoid caffeine intake before your exam day and make sure to have an energy-packed, healthy breakfast on your exam day. Stick to your daily routine of waking up in the morning and have a good night sleep.

Talk to someone: During exam days when you feel stressed, spend some time with people who are your support system whether your friend, teacher, the parent or counselor. By talking to someone, you can feel better and the person with whom you talk might help you to put things into the right perspective. You can also ask your friend to be his/her study partner, however, it depends on person to person as some people work like to study alone while others prefer to study in groups.

Early experiences of stress and anxiety during exam days can lead to precedent for mental health issues in later life. In many cases, exam anxiety is all in our minds and mental discipline is an important part of what is required to succeed. Hence, opting for positive strategies to cope with feelings of nervousness about exams as mentioned above will help you feel more in control.




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